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Event Awaken Golden Bell & Frozen Pendant Fixed Combine!
Time to say goodbye to 2015, Join the pendant celebration with some snowflakes!


Awaken Bell and Frozen Pendant Fixed Combine
Use any A Class pendant + A Shooting star at MAX level to combine
and you will get one of the following pendnat from the list(S+ Max %):
Awaken Golden Bell (100%, 6th round awaken 150%)
Awaken Bear (33%, 6th round awaken 45%)
Awaken Royal Ring (77%, 6th round awaken 89%)
Frozen Car (49%)
Frozen Invite Card (85%)
Frozen Recipe (16%)
Frozen Badge (23%)
Golden Pass (30%)

How to get Shooting Star
*3 Pendant Mileage to get Star or Material Light
*Prem Draw, A and above draw ticket, B/B Combine

Get New Released Awaken or Frozen Pendant and get rewarded
S Class 100 Diamonds, S+ 200 diamonds after event
*Once per reward, max 300 diamonds, sent at 12.31 18:00
*New Released pendants include AW Bell, Frozen Car/Invite Card/ Recipe/ Badge

Light of Glory ( must use before 2016 1.5 14:00)
Get from pendant draw or by buying diamonds 880 tier.
When recombine with any S+ pendants, sub ability will be one of the following:
15% Charming Perfume Skills
14% Sheriff Badge Skills
39% 3 Doubles, go world travel
24% Double Chance
70% First Chance Card to world travel
15% Happiness Healing Coupon Skills

Get 50% more diamonds, gold and clovers
220 = A+ – S draw x1
440 = A+ – S draw x2
880 = A+ – S draw x2 + Light of Gloryx1
* LINE Store and special packages are excluded

Get More Materials
Enhance A/A+ any pendants to max get A/A+ material light (once each)
Enhance S any pendants to max get S/S+ material light draw (once each)

Takeover the pendant draw chest
Triple = A+ -S Draw
Line = A+ -S Draw
Tour = 5 Premium Pendant Gacha
*once each

Daily Round
R1 = 10 diamond
R2 = Premium Draw
R3 = 20,000 Gold
R4 = A -S Pendant Draw
*Reset at 23:00

Event Period
29 Desember 2015 14:00 – 31 Desember 2015 14:00


Special Notice

We are sorry to cause any inconvenience if you misdrawn the roulette card from the sealed stone card pack
we will now announce the compensation. We will compensate the sealed stone by the card you drawn
each superstar cony or millionarie brown will give you 30 stones, each gold/dia roulette card will give you
50 stones. This will be sent on 2016. 1.4. You will still be able to get Muse S+ here.

In addition, we will now extend the 7 days special log in bonus to End of Jan.
so everyone has a chance to get S/S+ card pack when log in 7 days consecutively.
We will announce an end time when is about to stop.

We would like to thank you all for the support in 2015 and wish
you all the best in 2016. Have fun and Happy Get Rich Everyday!

LINE Get Rich TW Team

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