Event 12 Februari 2016 Get Rich Taiwan

In Android

ATK! DEF! Perfect Match your Pendants! Staff of Ra and New Glory Light

ATK! Staff of Ra – Lift ANY BLOCK you wish!
Skills l S+ MAX , when you arrive statue, 55% chance to lift any block of your choice (instead of row)
Get S Staff of Ra get 100 diamonds, S+ for 200 diamonds
Enhance S Staff of Ra to MAX get 1 hypo light
How to Get l Prem Draw, 10pts S Draw, S Pendant Coupon, 8x Lucky Coupon Pendant
*You are reminded to redeem 100 diamonds before you enhance to S+ Class.

DEF! Get Glory Light New Skills
Recombine with S+ any pendants and get selected abilities.
NEW 50% jump over the lifted blocks
HOT Get 80% more salary when pass START
HOT Nullify Angel Card at landmark 50%
HOT Dice Double Chance up 24%
HOT Get 15% marble when you arrive same block as opponent.(perfume)
HOT Get 14% mable when opponent comes to you at same block.(badge)
How to Get = 10pt S Draw, S Draw Coupon, 3x Lucky Coupon Pendants

Chance UP! get more lucky coupons by pendant enhancement
Collect Lucky Coupon to exchange NEW Staff of Ra(x8) and Glory Light (x3)
Enhance any S Pendant to MAX, reward Lucky Coupon x1
Get any S+ pendant, reward Lucky Coupon x1
Enhance any S+ pendant to max, get S+ material light (once)
A and over class pendant chance up, enhancement fee 50% off
Mileage GREAT chance up

10 PTs! New S Pendant Draw

Get New Pendants by S pendant Draw
Includes S Staff of Ra, Glory Light, Boss Call in, Master Blueprints, Blackhole Launcher
Boss Coupon, Sheriff Badge, Pinocchio and 21 pendants.

New First Purchased
The Premium Combo is now with new S Big 4 Character Max Card Pack
Inlcudes Artes, Craus, Cyper, Lexy 4 characters with Max Level,
Combine with any S MAX Card and FIXED to S+!

Buy Diamonds get more Pendants
220 = A+ -S pdt draw x1
440 = A+ -S pdt draw x2
880 = A+ -S pdt draw x2 + Lucky Coupons x2
*LINE Store and Special Packages are excluded

Takeover Chance (once)
Triple = A+-S pdt draw
Line = Lucky Coupon x1
Tour = Prem 5 Draws

Round Event (Reset at 23:00)
R1 = 10000 Gold
R2 = 20 Dia
R3 = Prem Draw
R4 = A-S Pdt Draw
R5 = A+-S Pdt Draw

Special Events l Happy Valentines
If you are in Taipei City, do not missed the chance to meet Dennis and Yuka
to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with our special events at Xin-Yi Area!
Check out at the Mitsukoshi Department Store Sq. at 14:00pm on 2/14!
With 50,000 RP, you can have a chance to get Limited Merchandise!
and Coupons to win diamonds and gold!

Event Period
12 February 2016 14:00 – 16 February 2016 14:00

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