Event 5 Februari 2016 Get Rich Taiwan

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Happy Chinese New YearGod’s Hand Map Update and Bluebird Catrina!

Bring it on! God’s Hand
New Map! In the new God’s Hand map you will be able to raise the land
by arriving on the statue block. Block your opponent strategically to win!
Enter the game and select「God’s Hand」to play

The Happiness Bluebird – Catrina [User Illustration Competition Winner]
S+ Skill = Enhance to MAX, 25% arrive opponent land exempt toll and go world travel
S+ 2nd = Arrive my land and 25% go to world travel NEW!
How to get = Complete the album by using Prem card pack, A/A+ Card pack, Bluebird Sp Pack
When you get S+ Bluebird Catrina and Max to top level Special Buff will be applied
[Dctrl+5, Sp Cost+5, Build Dc+5, Toll Dc+5, Gold Bonus+5%]
*for 2 weeks
When you get A Wand of Happiness 1,2,3 x10, you can exchange for A+ Bluedbird 1,2,3 x1
*Example Get A Wand of Happiness 1 x10 exchange for A+ Bluebird 1 x1

Bluebird Special Card Pack
Special card pack can only be obtaied in the following ways
Card pack includes A/A+ Bluebird Catrina Album Materials, A+ 2016 Sally (lv10-20)
How to get l Dia Bonus, S Card Max Event, Takeover Mission

NEW YEAR Super Bonus
Buy diamonds and get special bonus!
880 = A+ -S+ x4 + Bluebird SPx2
440 = A+ -S+ x2 + Bluebird SPx1
220 = A+ -S+x1
88 = Bluebird Sp x1 (once)
*LINE STORE and special packages are excluded

300Diamond More and 100 stones
30D Dia Tkts = 300dia + 100 stones
15D Dia Tkts = 100dia
*One type per user

LEVEL MAX Enhance Reward
Enhance cards to get rewarded
A+ = A-S+ Card Pack [No Limits]
S = Bluebird SP Card Pack [No Limits]
S+ = High Class Gem + S+ Socket Card [once]

Get Super Lucky with Festival Cube
Send a golden clover to get 2 diamonds
When they log in you will be able to get a Festival Cube
This cube includes S+Dancing Lion Dennis, S 2016 Sally (lv20-24), A+2016 Sally (lv10-20)
*Sally Cards are used for materials only
*We advised you to keep S+ D.L Dennis till 2/16 for the next event

New to Get Rich?! Let Dennis help you out!
Since it’s Chinese new year with long holiday! Let’s play with friends
For new users, comeback user (golden clover) they will get S+ Dancing Lion Dennis Trial Version
on the first day, no enhance but with S+ Max ability
2.16 14:00 will back to normal
Log in between 2.6-9 get A+ Popular Trial Pendant with skill of S Grade Pendant
includes Red Car, Unexpected Invite, Sheriff Badge and Niku Don Recipe. (Material only after 2.16)
In game 3 items are free to use and ranking defence ticket is also free to use!

New Year Special Round Event
R1 = Prem Card x1
R2 = 20 Dia
R3 = 30,000 gold
R4 = A-S+ Card
R5 = A+-S+ Card
*Reset at 23:00 everyday

Takeover the bluebird
Win the game by triple, line, tour completion and get Bluebird SP Card Pack x1
*Once only

We wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year!

Event Date
5 February 2016 08:00 – 12 February 2016 14:00

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