I am Super COOL! Well, even FROZEN – Get Glacial S/S+

Suppppppper COOL! Get S/S+ Glacial!
First Skills = At my Landmark, 100% move opponent at World Travel to My landmark.
Sec Skills = At START,80% Build any place of my own to Landmark. (No 3 Blocks needed)
Complete the Album to get S/S+ Glacial (All materials needed at Prem Card Pack, Glacial Sp. Card Pack)
Get S+ Glacial to win 200 DIA (EVENT UI, Once only)
When Enhance S+ Glacial to MAX in event period, GET Limited Time Buff for 14 DAYS!
DCtrl, Toll Bonus, Accquire, Build +5, Gold Bonus +5%
*Glacial Sp. Card Pack includes A/A+ Album Cards + A Sally 2016 (Lv.5-20)

Frozen Magic

A ICE SPELL I,II,III,IV (MAX) + Any A Card(MAX) Fixed Combine to A+ Glacial Sword I,II,III (Random)
*You must place the A ICE Spell in front

Enhance! Get more cards!
A MAX = A 2016 Sally Material (Lv 5-20!)
A+ MAX = A-S+ Card Pack
S MAX = Glacial Card
S+ MAX = S+ Socket Card + High Class Gem (Once)

GOLDEN WEEK! Get more gold and Glacial Sp. Card Pack
Buy gold and get 50%Bonus, When Buy Diamonds
880DIA = Glacial Sp CPx3 + A+ -S+ CPx2
440DIA = Glacial Sp CPx1 + A+ -S+ CPx1
220DIA = A+-S+ CP x1
88DIA = Glacial Sp CPx1 (Once Only)
*Special Pack + LINE Store are excluded

Special Takeover
Triple = 50,000 Gold
Line = Glacial Sp CP
Tour = Glacial Sp CP
*Once Each

Your Everyday Rewards by PLAY
R1 = Prem Card x1
R2 = 20 DIA
R3 = 30,000 Gold
R4 = A-S+ CP
R5 = A+-S+ CP
*Reset at 23:00/day

KNIGHT HENRY helps you out!
New Users and Golden Clover Users will get S+ Knight Henry
When you send a golden clover to users you will be able to get a return gift when he/she log in
The Red Cube will get you one of the item below including:
S+ Knight Henry, Glacial Sp Card Pack, S/A+ Sally 2016 Material

Special Event = KINGDOM WAR 2.26 14:00 -3.1 23:59
Log in to get 1 Kingdom Badge which will represent your team!
At the end of the event on 3.1 23:59, the team with more win records will be rewarded with
either 100 DIA, 200 Stones, S Material cards, S-S+ Material Light
You can rename your nickname for free with FIRE/ICE to let the others know your team.
the losing team will get 50 Diamond instead.

*Do not Resell, you will need your pendant to redeem prize
*If lost we will not give you another one and all your win records will be lost
*You cant pick your team
*We will show the scoring at LINE Everybody’s Marble Official Account or Facebook Fans Page

Event Period
2.26 14:00 – 3.2 14:00

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