Beautiful Ice Magic – Snowflake Dice and Runaway Shield!

Beautiful Ice Magic – Snowflake Dice
Till 3.29 14:00, Enhance your snowflake dice to max and get special buff
Golden Fortune 30 (+10)
Build Dc 35 (+10)
Dice Ctrl 40 (+5)
AQ Dc 40 (+5)
Odd/Even 1 (+1)
Gold Bonus 25% (+5%)
Enhance to MAX and get A+ – S pdt draw x1 (once)

Skill l S+ MAX, 85% defence opponent attack!
Get l by prem. draw, A/A+/S Pdt draw, A+/A+ Random Combine and special fix combine

During the event period A+ Runaway Shield (+7) + A+ Runaway Shield (+7)= S Runaway Shield
Get S/S+ Runaway Shield and get 100/200 diamonds (EVENT UI, once only)
*This pendant can defence attack from Fortune Card and Reina, Pinnochio, Magnetic Core Skills.

Pendant Fest!
Use 5 Pendant draw and get 50% off, pendant draw x1 20diamonds, 15 diamonds when redraw

DIAMOND WEEK = Buy Diamonds and get rewarded
880DIA = +440 DIA + A+ – S draw x4
440DIA = +176 DIA + A+ – S draw x2
220DIA = +66 DIA + A+ – S draw x1
*Gold/ Clover discount applied
*LINE STORE and special packages are excluded

Special Takeover
Triple = A+ -S draw
Line = Prem 5 Draw
Tour = A+ -S draw x2
*Once only

Daily Round Event
R1 = 10,000 Gold
R2 = Prem Draw
R3 = 20 DIA
R4 = A-S Draw
R5 = A+-S Draw
*Reset at 23:00 everyday

Special Notice l Beginner Channel
After today update, we will increase the top level entrance to Lv15

Please redeem your rewards before 3.4 14:00

Red Cube Special for S+ Knight Henry
We will extend this event for you and you can still send clovers
to get S+ Knight Henry or S/A+ Sally from Red Cube

Event Period
3.2 14:00 – 3.4 14:00

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