Superior Sports Car – 50% Dice Control till activation!

Event 12 April 2016 Get Rich Taiwan
Event Period
4.12 14:00- 4.15 14:00

S/S+ Superior Sports Car – Maximise the Dice Control
Skills = S+ MAX, 50% of Dice Control, everytime it fail, +2% till activate
How to get = Collect Speedy Shadow A+ 1-4 OR A Car Fragments Combine
Rewards = Get S/S+ Sports Car S/S+ Material Light [ONCE]
Enhance Rewards = Enhance S/S+ Sports Car to MAX get S Hypo Light / S Glory Light [ONCE]
*When sports activate, return to standard rate [Standard rate base on level of pendant]
*The list below shows the option S+ sub from Glory Light [Must use in event period]
– Dice Double by 25%
– Triple Double dice, 40% world travel chance
– When use angel card at my landmark, nullify the effect by 60%
– 60% defence opponent atk
– When double occurs, 25% of add one more chance.

Big Winner! Get Speedy Shadow
A+ Reward = Collect A+ Shadow 1-4 to get S Sports Car
A Reward = When Collect A Shadow 1-4 x4 you can exchange for same number in A+ class x1
E.g.: 4x A Shadow 1 –> 1x A+ Shadow 1
How to get l Prem Draw/ 3pt mileage draw/ A-A+ Shadow Draw
Special l When you get A Shadow 1-4, you can exchance for A/A+ Shadow Drawx1
*3 Mileage draw includes A/A+ Shadow1-4 OR Material Light A/A+/S

From Prem draw and A and over pendant coupon you can get A Car Fragments
When combine with any A Pendant, you will get S Toy Car, Frozen Car, S Superior Sports car (1 of them),

Get A+ Speedy Shadow
880 = A+ Speedy Shadow x2 + A+-S pdt draw x2 + S Hypo Light
440 = A-A+ Speedy shadow x2 + A+ – S pdt draw x2
220 = A+-S pdt draw x1
88 = A Cars Fragment x1 [ONCE]
*LINE Store and special packages are excluded

Special Completion [ONCE]
Line = A-A+ Speedy Shadow Draw x1
Tour = A+ Speedy Shadow Draw x1
Triple = A Cars Fragment

Daily Mission[Reset everyday 23:00]
R1 = 10,000 Gold
R2 = Prem Draw
R3 = 20 DIA
R4 = A-S Pendant Draw

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